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LEGACY JEWELRY APPRAISERS & BUYERS understand that sorting and evaluating a life's worth of Family Jewelry can be challenging, so we've attached a link to our Youtube page. Browse through the many valuable discussions that will give you a chance to meet Gina and answer any questions before your appointment.

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YouTube, Legacy Heart Interviews are stories with special Guests sharing their real-life decisions about leaving treasures to loved ones, changing lifestyles, working to make ends meet by selling possessions, or family strife when sharing the jewels. 

We all face the milestone road of the many uncertain questions that these interviews share through others' o experiences.

Utube, Legacy Heart is about brave decisions made by letting go in order to live a healthy & uncluttered new chapter, to explore personal freedom while deciding what to do with possessions and who to leave them to.

Utube, Legacy Heart discusses cases of caretaking and being bogged down by family treasures and how these remarkable people pulled through with a vision to pass through to freedom.

 Gina Watson, GIA Gemologist has been working with families and estates since 1986 in Orange County Ca. While working with 100’s of families and their stories, Utube, Legacy Heart Interview so you can bring a healing realization to prepare yourself and your family by discussing openly with loved ones.

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