Selling & Consigning Jewelry for TOP Dollar on your Investments

  •  Legacy Consultation will sort your Jewelry & Silver. During this time we will give expert advice on which items to insure, what to sell, appraise or consign. We promote organizing your valuables to eliminate confusion and strife between loved ones and help you SELL with great Options! We guide you by assessing your valuables so your choices will be better. This is a FREE Service with GIA Gemologist! 

  • We encourage you to bring in all your jewelry, silver and family heirlooms; old and new so the gemologist can sort these by values, to help you make those better decisions. With the options we offer, you can choose what is best for you and your family!
  • Sorting your jewelry, watches, silver, gemstones, coins, pearls and costume jewelry will bring your PEACE OF MIND. This is a great way to understand what you have while learning about your treasures!
  • Selling or Consigning: Options will be offered for those items to sell  or consign that family members would not want passed down to them. These items we converted into CASH. We have a large Online presence with proven results! With Cash in your hands, you will have peace of mind after knowing your values and what to pass down to loved ones!
  • Appraisals: During a LEGACY CONSULTATION, we  may recommend that you appraise items for Inheritance Purpose when gifting jewelry or Liquidating for Trust and Wills.  Through our guidance, by sorting and fair market evaluations, items gifted for multiple family members can have the backup documents for your specific needs.
We will walk you through the different options during your
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    We encourage you gather all prior documentation to accompany your appointment to better assist your needs. Please bring any purchase invoices, appraisals and Lab certifications. Expect your Legacy appointment to be 1 hour to evaluate your assets. Please bring in all items, small or large so we can authenticate its properties and better guide you with choices.