Consign your Jewelry

How to Consign Jewelry to Legacy

Two options to suit your needs

Consigning: Why CONSIGN your items through a strong online presence for more money? Want to reach 1000's of viewers to sell your jewelry? We offer you options to sell or consign jewelry, diamonds and estates while converting into CASH. Let us help you sell through our online channels with proven results & get higher profits or sell your jewelry outright


Option 1. In-Person Private Appointment

1.  Schedule a Visit. 

·       Meet with your GIA Consultant

·       Call 949-230-1069 or Email

·       Bring in everything small or large: gold or costume to let us sort and help you with all your valuables.


Option 2. Online Mail-In Service

1.  Tell us about your jewelry.

2.  Supply some images and documents. 

·       Text pictures of your items

·       Meet with your GIA Consultant

1.  Receive a Quote.

·       Based on your description, we will estimate a ‘buyout’ or ‘consignment’ price.

1.  Please send us your items for the Final Evaluation.

·       We will provide you with a FREE shipping label. Ship your items securely & ship to us.

·       Text 949-230-1069 or email


 We’ll review your items and provide a final offer. Upon acceptance, you can choose payment by check, bank transfer, or a store credit toward 120% of your next jewelry purchase. Alternatively, we will ship your items back to you free of charge. (Example, Store Credit: $1000 buy out is $1200.00 Value to shop with no expiration)


1.  GET LABEL NOW label for free insured shipping.

 We buy jewelry, diamonds, jade, rings, watches, chains, dental gold, silver coins, gold coins, platinum, chains, colored gemstones, bands, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in any condition or quality. We can come to your home, office, bank, or trustee to accommodate and facilitate special situations.

We offer Free evaluations and will sort through your boxes, bins, and draws to help you discover what is of value and what is not. 


Why Us?

Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers are family-operated serving communities since 1969 & are experts in buying & selling diamonds, jewelry & estates. We are a G.I.A. Gemologist who will exclusively work with your family’s estate & personal valuables. We sell through a comprehensive online portal for reselling and consigned jewelry and give you options and choices that best suit your needs.

We are recommended by insurance companies, family, and attorneys, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers.

 No Walk-in as we are by appointment only for a confidential one-on-one with our clients.

A Legacy is Worth Living & Giving

    We will walk you through the different options during 
       Call today for your LEGACY APPOINTMENT
      Text or Call 949-230-1069 
      Click for

      FREE Shipping Label Send in Jewelry


      We encourage you gather all prior documentation to accompany your appointment to better assist your needs. Please bring any purchase invoices, appraisals and Lab certifications. Expect your Legacy appointment to be 1 hour to evaluate your assets. Please bring in all items, small or large so we can authenticate its properties and better guide you with choices.


         GINA L. WATSON, GG