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Legacy Jewelery Appaisers & Buyers has served thousands of Orange Counties families and want to help you!  It's difficult when the executor or trustee must establish how to value assets and distribute them for the estate. So why not call a professional GIA Gemologist?

GIA Gemologist Appraisals

Let Legacy help determine which of your valuables should be insured, so why not call a professional GIA Gemologist Appraiser who has been highly respected and seasoned for nearly 40 years?

Need Help with an Estate?

Many questions arise, “what do we want to keep” or “how do I separate and share the valuables"? Suppose you are the estate trying to sort or distribute your jewelry assets for the heirs. In that case, we can help you by sorting, appraising, buying, and consigning your jewelry to help you make smarter choices!

What Options Do I have?

Foremost, we look at family and discuss your wishes for your loved ones than all of our recommendations will stern from this discovery. We give you a multitude of options to fit your wishes.

The Legacy Program;

“Why should I use The Legacy Program; What makes us different?

With over 35 years experience in the Laguna Woods Community and 3rd generation since 1969, Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers is Family Owned & Operaled. Certified, G.I.A Gemologists from prestigious schooling. We are recommended by Attorneys and top insurance Companies.

We are widely known experts in Estates, Auctions and Appraising in Orange County and are your BEST choice for sensitive consultations, evaluation & separating your precious treasures.

"How can the Legacy Program help me sort through my treasures?"

When you make an appointment we encourage you to bring in all boxes of jewelry items & chests of any size for us to sort through. We will separate for different values the gold, platinum, costume, coins, antiques, genuine diamonds from glue, and gemstones from glass, silver from plate ware.

You will be assisted by our experts to discuss sensilive information without disclosing your personal wishes direcly with your family members.

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Is there a limit to the amount of items you will look at?

No there is no limit to the amount of items you can bring us. We encourage you bringing in
everything ncluding coins, silver, and all your items whether you believe them to be value or
nol. Please let our experts help you discer your treasures.

What is the fee to separate my treasures? When you call for the Legacy Program there is no charge to sort through your treasures. We will separate your iters based on value and you choose from our different services.

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Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers believes in helping individuals sort through their family heirlooms so better decisions can be made for themselves and their loved ones

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