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GIA Gemologist Appraisal Services in Orange County

Insurance Appraisals

Document required for insuring jewelry includes gem evaluation, grading, metal, and other pertinent information. This value for Insurance replacement is to cover your merchandise in the event of a loss.Your jewelry will be evaluated with a fair retail replacement cost.

The most common reason to get a jewelry appraisal is for insurance coverage. Determining the current market value of your jewelry is the only way you can be sure your insurance is adequately covered against theft, loss, or damage. However, there are many other reasons for appraisals. 

Appraisals, are recommended to be reevaluated since market prices of gold, diamond, and gemstones have increased. An experienced Graduate Gemologist from the G.I.A. Institute of America can verify that your diamonds and other jewelry are appropriately valued for replacement in today's market. 

Estate Appraisals

Document for valuing estate and inheritance items for families and trusts.We have found that this is one of the more complex topics discussed with Loved Ones, so through our LEGACY PROGRAM, we offer to discuss parlaying estates and selling or documenting family jewelry & heirlooms.

We believe good housekeeping will eliminate confusion and possibly strife with loved ones by establishing appraisal values or selling unwanted jewelry.

Here are some questions for you to consider for your assets in an estate:

(1) When what, and who are you considering allocating property to in an Estate?

(2) When should you establish a trust or estate and its planning? 

(3) What type of appraisal are you considering for values, and how will it effect taxes or gifting?

Fair Market Appraisals

Document for selling, barter, bankruptcy, divorce, determine a near wholesale value.

We will evaluate the estate to help with a base value to fairly distribute valuables. This is necessary to overcome difficult times or eliminate strife when conflict may occur. These items are valued for a quicker sale that we call fair market cost.  

Here are some examples for you to consider, Fair Market Appraisal

‣ When you are buying or selling a previously owned item to value for a quick sale  

‣ When you are dividing property in a divorce which values an item for a quick sale   

‣ When you are dividing property in an Estate   

‣ When you are establishing a trust for estate planning   When you are setting value for tax purposes.


Liquidation Value

A Document for a collateral value that determines the cost of valuables by its melt price or turning value.

Many items considered 'unwanted' or 'dated' are turned into CASH by selling at today's liquidation price

‣ We help determine with you the type of documentation.

‣ For tax purposes, our document may help offset your inheritance tax gains but will are not tax advisors. We always recommend you ask your probate or tax attorneys to advise 

‣ Let us help you sort your items, and you DECIDE the best CHOICE. 

Here are some examples for you to consider a liquidation appraisal

1) To establish a cost to liquidate for cash  

2) Per your tax attorney's recommendation, which may be for a charitable contribution

Damage Insurance Report

A Document required for an insurance claim to establish a replacement value of your loss. We will assess your damaged merchandise to create an Insurance Evaluation for your agent so that they can process your claim. Our document includes the replacement cost, quality, size, and other information. Since Insurance companies work with outside replacement vendors to replace damaged goods, we advocate on your behalf.  Legacy Jewelry has successfully worked with 100's replacement claims and offers to liaison for your claim 

Gemstone Identification

We can Identify more than 60 species of gemstones by distinguishing the natural gems from synthetics that we offer in our Lab. Our gemological equipment is used to access the tools necessary to identify most stones, during your appointment. When we evaluate a jewel in question, we will facilitate G.I.A. laboratory handling to serve our client's needs best.. We will facilitate the process by offering an in-house inspection with our gemological equipment or recommending a more extensive report from the Gemological G.I.A. Institute of America.

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