GIA Gemologist Appraisal Services

Competitive Insurance Appraisals with GIA Gemologist, accredited to assist you with your Insurance policy requirements. Group item discounts given. Call with a verbal estimate. 

We provide SAME DAY SERVICE for your insurance documentation.  Appointments only at our Laguna Hills office. 

    • Insurance Appraisals

    •  Estate Appraisals

    • Fair Market Value Estimations

    • Liquidation Value Estimations

    •  Damage Insurance Claims

    •  Gemstone Identification Report


  • Insurance AppraisalDocument required for insuring jewelry includes item gem grading, metal and other information necessary to determine a value for Insurance purposes, covering your merchandise in the event of a loss. This cost is equivalent to a higher, retail cost so your jewelry can be replaceable with a fair opportunity to you, the insured.
The most common reason to get a jewelry appraisal is for insurance coverage. Determining the current market value of your jewelry is the only way you can be sure your insurance is adequate to cover them against theft, loss or damage. However, there are many other reasons for appraisals.

 With the increase in gold, diamond and gemstone values, appraisals take on even greater importance. An experienced Graduate Gemologist from GIA Institute of America can verify that your diamonds and other jewelry are appropriately valued to replace them in today’s market. 


  • Estate AppraisalDocument for valuing estate and inheritance items for families and trusts. We have found that this is one of the more difficult topics discussed with Loved Ones so through our LEGACY PROGRAM we offer to discuss parlaying estates, selling or documenting family jewelry & heirlooms. We believe that good housekeeping, by documenting with appraisals and or selling, will eliminate confusion and possibly strife with loved ones.
  1.  When you are dividing property in an Estate.
  2.  When you are establishing a trust or in estate planning.
  3.  When you are establishing value for tax purposes.
  • Fair Market Appraisal – Document for selling, barter, bankruptcy, divorce, determining a near wholesale value. We will evaluate the estate to help with core values necessary to move through difficult times. 
  1. When you are buying or selling a previously owned item.
  2. When you are dividing property in a divorce.
  3.  When you are dividing property in an Estate.
  4.  When you are establishing a trust or in estate planning.
  5.  When you are establishing value for tax purposes.
Recommended by Top Insurance companies and Attorneys, we are experts with helping clients and their orders.


    • Liquidation Value – Document for collateral which determines a wholesale or lower cost of goods. Many items considered, 'unwanted' or 'dated' can be turned into CASH. We help you with any documentation, or purchases. For tax purposes, this document or receipt will Through THE LEGACY PROGRAM appointments are FREE. Let us help you sort your items so you can DECIDE  the best CHOICE, today.
    1. Establishing a cost of wholesale value or below.

      • Damage Insurance Report Document with detailed information required for your insurance claim for replacement value of your damaged item. We will assess your damaged merchandise and create an Insurance Evaluation for your agent so they will know the replacement cost, quality, size and other information. Insurance companies work with outside replacement vendors to replace your damaged goods but most often will slight your replacement. We have successfully worked with 100's of replacement claims and offer this service.

        • Gemstone Identification- Identify of more than 60 species of gemstones, distinguish the natural gems from synthetics which we offer in our Lab. When we evaluate a gemstone in question and feel it will better serve our client, we will facilitate the process and send to Gemological GIA Institute of America.