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Legacy Story

Since 1984, GIA Gemologist Gina Watson has served the Orange County communities with her retail stores in Laguna Hills & Aliso Viejo and has been a second-generation Jeweler since 1969. She has been working with clients 2nd and 3rd-generation families to buy, sell or consign their treasures.


As a Jewelry Estate Buyer, my passion is to assist families by sorting through valuables,
finding hidden treasures or items of lesser value to donate.

Our First Location

In 1986 we opened in a Laguna Hills retirement community called Oakbrook Village. I continued to buy and sell but also started to conduct Jewelry in-house auctions that sometimes had nearly 80 people seated during the 80s. I fell in love with my older clientele to which they entrusted me. I became family to them and their extended family, buying, selling, auctioneering, repairing, and designing or repairing jewelry.


Opening Store #2

In 2001 I owned and operated my second location in Aliso Viejo, where I brought in my family & adult kids, which is when we expanded our manufacturing, wedding, and engagement jewelry. I became a GIA Gemologist and graduated from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America to better serve my clients & business needs. My passion & proven expertise continued for the families and their estates with other services. Hence, I could help my clients better as I expanded my business to selling online.

Legacy & Gina

Working closely with the elderly and their estates, Gina expressed concerns that heirs did not want the family jewels after loved ones passed and instead sold valuables. Hence, she advocates for elders to organize their estates and consider selling and using the money for themselves. By doing this, it becomes less burdensome to the heirs.

Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers believes in helping individuals sort through their family heirlooms so better decisions can be made for themselves and their loved ones. If the unwanted jewelry is sold, elders could use that money, especially when most are on fixed incomes. We believe in discussing with the elderly different options of appraisals which determine the selling or consigning choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Many of the estates are unwanted items passed down & may burden Loved ones! Through 40 years of experience, my passion is to assist families without confusion or strife between each other by sorting the valuables. I come to families with CHOICES of what to sell, give to loved ones, re-design as a momentum of the memory of a loved one, or donate.


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