Your Estate Valuables Letting Go and Netting 5% On Your Investment.

Your Estate Valuables

Letting Go and Netting 5% On Your Investment.

When a client is ready to sort and sell their jewelry, it is held with deep memories & emotions; however, it can realize peace & thanksgiving when it’s sold and turned into a 5% CD towards your retirement! 

Most of us have harbored jewelry passed down from our mothers, aunts, friends, or loved ones and entrusted us with these assets, but items are hidden in boxes or draw that may be unnoticed for decades, sometimes. 

Now is a necessary time to make a move with gold exceeding $2,200 per ounce!

We should realize these past possessions are valuable and are a gift for our future, and with the help of a professional, sort the gold and silver from the costume. 

As a GIA Gemologist working with clients, I suggest keeping special items to wear or pass to your daughters AND taking advantage of the market to sell the jewelry of those items that are unwanted.

There has been no better time in history than when gold has reached this all-time high, exceeding $2,200.00 an ounce, and we do not know how long it will remain at the market value or where it is going. Nevertheless, since we can’t read the future, it is a good time for you to look deep into the closet and jewelry safe to take advantage of this historic and unique situation.  Consider selling and turning your jewelry into a cash value that can be set aside for a CD paying 5% or greater. Retirement funding is of great concern for the baby boomers, so selling the items left unnoticed and turning them into cash where you can net a profit and create an interest income is a win-win!

How is selling your jewelry a Win-Win? 

  • Your loved ones would be happy to know you have played a part in your nest egg. 
  • Your children will not be burdened with the responsibility of your jewelry. 
  • There is no better gift to our children than for parents to have the means to take care of their retirement.
  • The market value is at a historic high!

Gina Watson G.G. G.I.A. Gemologist

Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers