Good Housekeeping start by including your Valuables Are your assets in order?

Many clients who come to see me are stifled when asked, ‘Are your jewelry assets in order after your passing’? Most do not understand or do not want to realize that if the jewelry items are not allocated and evaluated upon their death, they are leaving a difficult task in hand for their heirs. Not only is this a burden to the family or heirs, but loved ones need to grieve upon your departure so why not lessen the load and control this important step? The following is buy one option of many to consider for good housekeeping and getting your assets in order!

 So why not consider these options?

Here are a few pointers to consider

  • Have us make a catalog of your items
  • Include in the catalog only the essential things you feel others would want
  • Consider selling the ‘unwanted’ jewelry and putting the cash in your pocket.
  • There is a menu of options to consider when organizing your assets
  • Consider allowing us to separate your valuables from low to high-end price valuations