Gifting Your Jewelry Assets to Loved Ones What’s Your Plan?

Every week, clients seek my expertise to sort through boxes of jewelry from the family’s passed-down treasures. Most of the time, after we evaluate the groups of costume, silver, and valuable jewelry, people start allocating sentimental pieces of jewelry or what they would like to pass down to their loved ones onto a written, formal catalog document so the heirs will have direction. A trustee of your will is responsible for your wishes. You are now in control of your wishes by thinking about the following good housekeeping rules.

As you sort through your valuables, there are always jewelry items that no one wants because they are dated, so look at the gold value to sell and keep that money. But what about that old ring Grandma wore, brooch, or cameo pin from your Aunt or Mother? Why not gift a keepsake to your loved ones and pass it down? What about your children, nieces, special friends, or organization? Do you have anything in writing that deems your wishes regarding what to give them?

Over 40 years of working with my clients' & their estates, I want to remind you that there is a catalog service we designed specifically setting aside your treasures for your TRUST DECLARATION. The declaration describes the assets to be held in the trust and how they are to be managed by the trustee.  

Creating this estate catalog service for my clients has lifted a significant burden that is both liberating and a good housekeeping measure.  The catalog contains pictures, descriptions & values of the present market value, and options for other pricing so there can be guidance for an estate to pick and choose jewelry items from the list for fair comparison value.  Did you know you can continue to own and wear the jewelry you are gifting if it’s listed in the trust declaration? 

Take it a step further and list all your jewelry into the trust declaration catalog and ‘Pencil-In’, which you wish to gift as the years pass and new friends and family come into your life.

Planning is our gift to others but primarily to ourselves!  Liberate and take care of ourselves and our needs first, and show others that caring for ourselves is the greatest act of love. Help others by lifting the unnecessary burden of having boxes and drawers full of jewelry for loved ones to stress about. Do it now!