Catalog Your Valuable Jewelry & Take Control Of Your Destiny

When it comes to organizing and documenting your valuable jewelry for gifting in your trust, it's essential that you create a detailed catalog with prices and recipients in mind. Follow our Gemologists expert tips to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

1. Sort & Inventory Your Jewelry Collection

Your inventory must be sorted so you know what category of value your items fall into of all your pieces. With a process we have designed, down to the description, material, and any special characteristics of each item a price can be determined for both fair market value and inheirant. This will help you keep track of your collection and make it easier to assign gifts later on.

2. Assign Prices to Each Piece

We research the market value of each jewelry piece in your collection. Assign a price to each item based on its quality, rarity, and condition. Seperate columns are used for difference choices you and the estate will option to use for values.

3. Document Recipients and Gift Preferences

Consider who you want to gift your jewelry to in your trust. We add a seperate colum to the document for you to 'pencil' in who you wish for the item to be gifted to. At anytime you wish to change the gift, just erase the name and regift to another, loved one! This will ensure that each piece goes to the right person and aligns with their personal style.

4. Create a Detailed Catalog

Catologs are created with a menu of choices or detail depending on your budget. Some, like to add more discription or market values to their catolog. The greatness in this service is that you control your jewelry and can still wear your valuables!  Organize the catalog in a clear and systematic way for easy reference.

5. Update the Catalog Regularly

As you acquire new jewelry pieces or change your gifting preferences, we recommend that you update your catalog regularly. This will help you keep track of any changes in your collection and ensure that your gifting plans remain up to date.

By following these expert tips, you can effectively list your valuable jewelry in a catalog with prices and document who you want to gift them to in your trust. This organized approach will not only streamline the gifting process but also ensure that your jewelry collection is well-documented and cared for.