$42K Vintage, 100 Carat Diamond, Cognac Vine 4 -3/4" Floral,Cuff Bracelet

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Retail: $42,000
Artisan, Vintage 100 Carat Diamond, Cognac Vine Floral, Cuff Bracelet measuring a spectacular 4-3/4 inches in length. This is truly one of a kind find in the jewelry business. The width across the cuff is 3- 1/2 inches and the outside circumference is 9.5 inches
The diamonds are all older, rose cut diamonds which were made in most 16th century jewelry. Diamonds are bezel set in the top of the cuff and prong set in the leaves, backsides and outside rim of bracelet. The diamond shaped and sizes range from 6.73 mm oval shaped; 3 mm pear shaped;2 mm round;.80 mm round with an estimated weight of 100 carats.
The metal has been acid tested to be inside of at least 14 karat yellow gold. The outside with diamonds inset are in sterling silver metal. The weight of the cuff is 214.30 grams.
GIA Gemologist inspected and evaluated