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Claims for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Jewelry

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The Claims Process


  • Our Evaluation Report - A complete assessment will be done of your damaged or lost jewelry (chipped diamonds, scratched gems, etc.)

  • Our Insurance Assistance- We will assist your insurance claim & handle the paperwork necessary. 

  • Your Damaged Goods- Bring in your item for us to estimate for your insurance. We will fill out the paperwork for an easy transition with your Insurance Co

  • Worry-Free Assistance- Bring in Pictures or Ideas for us to recreate your lost or stolen jewelry. We have top-quality jewelry manufacturers to help replace or recreate jewelry.

  • Recommended by Top Insurance Companies, we have completed quality claim jewelry replacements for our client's losses. We handle the evaluation process, manufacturing, and any questions from your Insurance company. We have helped 1000's of insured clients for nearly 40 years. 


  • Insurance Evaluation Report is for Lost or Damaged Jewelry, so when you suffer a loss and file a claim with insurance, we will give a written description of the damages. The company often wants to offer a slightly undervalued replacement, so we help clients by evaluating your insured item and replacing it with a better option with our expert knowledge of gemstones, diamonds, and manufacturing. Many insurance companies will allow you to have a reputable jeweler return your lost item, and we recommend our services.

Our long list of insurance clients includes A.A.A., U.S.A., Jewelers Mutual, Farmers, Allstate, USSA, Kelly Klee, and State Farm. We have helped 100's possible thousands of clients resolve unfortunate situations.
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