About Legacy Appraisers and Buyers

Since 1984, GIA Gemologist, Gina Watson has been serving the Orange County communities with her retail stores in Laguna Hills & Aliso Viejo and is a second generation jeweler since 1969.
While working closely with the elderly and their estates, Gina expressed  concerns for the elderly, after their passing, finding that many loved ones did not want the family jewels.  Items were sold, elders were unaware that their precious family heirlooms were of no interest and that money could of been used for themselves. 
Gina developed THE LEGACY PROGRAM to help educate the elderly and give them choices.

Legacy Jewelry Appraisers & Buyers believes in helping individuals sort through their family heirlooms so better decisions can be made for themselves and loved ones. If the unwanted jewelry is sold, elders could use that money especially when most are on fixed incomes. We believe in discussing with the elderly different options of appraisals, selling or consigning items making good  choices for themselves and loved ones. 

Gina’s experience with retail and resale of diamonds, engagement and customized jewelry extends to Online Sales to better serve the 21st Century. With a large inventory of Consignments, Estates, Watches, Gemstones, Diamonds & Silver, acquired from Family Estates,  these are sold online and through our large group of private buyers.

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 While receiving her Graduate Gemology certification in 2001 from the prestigious Gemological Institute, Gina continued to specialize in the evaluation of jewelry estates and heirloom for families.  She is an expert in appraisal insurance evaluations necessary for insurance companies, family trust resolutions and insurance claims.

Gina created a program called THE LEGACY PROGRAM. This important program’s primary function is to sort through family jewelry treasures to bring awareness of item values by helping generational families understand the values of their jewelry & what to appraise sell and leave to family loved ones.

“As a Jewelry estate buyer for nearly 35 years, my job is to assist clients with the knowledge of their family heirlooms’ values to obtain the best market price when selling or evaluating for Insurance, Inheritance or Insurance Loss and Claims. It will be only through a The Legacy Evaluation that a client can choose between what to appraise, sell or leave to family loved ones.”

The Legacy Appraisal & Buying Service will appraise or sell your items online to the worlds awaiting buyer and for its best price and will inform a buyer of the accurate description of the jewelry so then only will the seller be successful and a buying client, happy.

"By evaluating the condition and content of jewelry for resale it is stated the timeline and style allowing for the overall values to be correctly stated. While evaluating for consignment, it’s essential that the jewelry be stated correctly to credit the jewelry and the seller", states Gina

Gina has spent years on CHANNEL 6, educating the public and can be seen on


Gina writes THE GEM CORNER, column monthly in the OC Magazine